Echelon in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Echelon

a rank or position in society or in an organization

Examples of Echelon in a sentence

The prominent college ranks among the top echelon of schools in the nation.  🔊

When the layoffs occur, they will only affect employees in the lower echelon of the company.  🔊

Only members of society’s highest echelon can afford to own airplanes.  🔊

Because Bill is at the highest echelon of his company, he receives a huge salary.  🔊

The luxury hotel provides a sophisticated echelon of service that is not found at cheaper hotels.  🔊

Next week, Patrick will join the echelon of senior football players to be honored as a member of the coach’s special team.  🔊

The devious man thought he could become a part of the jet set’s echelon by blackmailing others.  🔊

Ever since Charles won the lottery, he has considered himself to be a member of the uppermost echelon of society.  🔊

Ted had only held the echelon of captain for a year before he was promoted to a higher rank.  🔊

In ten years, I plan to be among the upper echelon of my firm’s employees and earning a six-figure salary.  🔊

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