Countermand in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Countermand

to change or retract a command

Examples of Countermand in a sentence

Since the bank robbers have hostages, the police chief decided to countermand the order to storm the building.  🔊

Jane hoped her father would countermand her curfew and allow her to stay out past midnight for the homecoming dance.  🔊

After learning his troops would be outnumbered in battle, the colonel elected to countermand the order and return to camp.  🔊

The government’s decision to countermand prohibition made alcohol drinkers very happy.  🔊

Because my mother is afraid of my father, she will never countermand one of his rules.  🔊

The appeals court chose to countermand the lower’s court guilty verdict.  🔊

Until the storeowner decides to countermand his position on coupons, clerks are unable to accept online discount codes.  🔊

The new speeding legislation will countermand the previous laws and allow increased speeds on the interstate.  🔊

Once my dog has calmed down, I will countermand my order to sit and allow him to walk around the house.  🔊

When Renee discovered her daughter had not stolen the money, she opted to countermand the girl’s punishment.  🔊

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