Emotionality in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Emotionality

refers to the extent to which someone expresses or experiences emotions

Examples of Emotionality in a sentence

The politician's speech was criticized for its lack of emotionality and authenticity.  🔊

Mary's emotionality sometimes causes her to react impulsively in difficult situations.  🔊

Sarah's emotionality makes her a great actress, as she can tap into her feelings easily.  🔊

The novel explores the complex and sometimes conflicting emotionality of its characters.  🔊

Samantha's emotionality allows her to empathize with others and provide comfort and support.  🔊

John's emotionality sometimes leads him to make rash decisions without thinking them through.  🔊

Emily's emotionality is a double-edged sword, allowing her to connect with others but also making her vulnerable to hurt.  🔊

I was struck by the emotionality of the singer's performance, which brought tears to my eyes.  🔊

Samantha's emotionality allows her to connect with others on a deeper level.  🔊

Samantha's art is known for its raw emotionality and honesty.  🔊

Emily's emotionality can be both a strength and a weakness in her relationships.  🔊

David's emotionality allows him to create art that is deeply moving and personal.  🔊

Lucy's emotionality is often misinterpreted as weakness or instability.  🔊

Tom's emotionality makes him a passionate and engaging speaker.  🔊

John's emotionality makes him a passionate and fiery speaker.  🔊

Lucy's emotionality can sometimes be overwhelming, causing her to struggle with anxiety and stress.  🔊

Sarah's emotionality often causes her to cry easily, even at happy occasions.  🔊

John's emotionality sometimes makes it difficult for him to remain calm and focused in stressful situations.  🔊

The company offers workshops on managing emotionality and building emotional resilience.  🔊

John's emotionality makes him a thoughtful and caring partner, always attuned to the needs of those he loves.  🔊

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