Equivocal in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Equivocal

not clear or certain

Examples of Equivocal in a sentence

Since the defendant’s alibi is equivocal, the jury will disregard it almost instantly.  🔊

The scientist’s theory is equivocal and has not been proven in a lab experiment.  🔊

Although I watched the entire film, I was still confused by the movie’s equivocal ending that contained many unanswered questions.  🔊

The president’s equivocal explanation of the war sounded unclear to the public.  🔊

Because Frank’s testimony was equivocal, the jury members had no choice but to ignore it during their deliberations.  🔊

The teacher’s equivocal answer did not provide me with a clear response to my question.  🔊

After the first garage was equivocal about the final cost of my repair bill, I decided to go with another automotive shop.  🔊

Because the results of the lab test were equivocal, the experiment had to be repeated.  🔊

When the football player talked about his upcoming retirement, he sounded equivocal as though he was not certain himself.  🔊

Since the doctor was equivocal about the antibiotic's effectiveness, he asked me to return for a follow-up exam in a couple of days.  🔊

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