Esoteric in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Esoteric

known about or understood by very few people

Examples of Esoteric in a sentence

1. Eric made an esoteric joke that only he and his brother understood. 🔉

2. Only a couple of people I know share your esoteric thoughts on those religious principles. 🔉

3. While the writing appeared simple, its meaning was esoteric in the fact only a number of scholars could comprehend it. 🔉

4. Janice loved her country and found it difficult to agree with the esoteric ideas of the terrorists. 🔉

5. Although I did okay in math class, I always considered trigonometry to be an esoteric subject which was best left to the mathematicians. 🔉

6. Gerald was an eight-year-old genius who had esoteric interests much different from kids of a similar age. 🔉

7. When the scientists were not looking for a cure for the disease, they spent their time reviewing esoteric documentation on past experiments.  🔉

8. Unlike the other professors, Margaret was very familiar with esoteric literature from the Middle Ages. 🔉

9. Only the children of royal families are allowed in the esoteric organization. 🔉

10. The medical research was so esoteric that only a few physicians could actually understand the results. 🔉

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