Fervency in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Fervency

strong emotion

Examples of Fervency in a sentence

Seeing her first child immediately after birth brought about the mother’s fervency by joyful tears flowing down her face. 🔊

When my mother died, the sudden fervency of sadness came over me at the funeral releasing my screams of depression. 🔊

After the child was hit by a car, the parents’ fearful fervency subsided when the doctor reassured the parents that the child would be fine. 🔊

Looking into his bride’s eyes quickly brought about a fervency in the groom which made his voice crack saying his vows. 🔊

Fervency in the parents’ voice let officers know they most likely did not have anything to do with the kidnapping of their child. 🔊

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