Fluctuate in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Fluctuate

to shift back and forth uncertainly

Examples of Fluctuate in a sentence

1. Each day, the price of gold will fluctuate on the market.  🔉

2. The scientist grew concerned as the radiation meter started to fluctuate.  🔉

3. Because of technical difficulties, the sound of the music may fluctuate during the concert. 🔉

4. The number of people attending the party this evening may fluctuate due to bad weather. 🔉

5. Even though my air conditioning unit works very well, the temperature still tends to fluctuate in my house during the summer months. 🔉

6. The upcoming hurricane season is going to cause the price of gasoline to fluctuate. 🔉

7. Because of the increase in ticket prices, attendance at sporting events will fluctuate.  🔉

8. During my pregnancy, I saw my weight fluctuate on a daily basis. 🔉

9. If I do not take my medication, my hormone levels will fluctuate wildly and possibly reach dangerous heights. 🔉

10. Airline ticket prices tend to fluctuate from day to day.  🔉

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