Foreign Policy in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Foreign Policy

a plan of one country’s communications and connections with another country

Examples of Foreign Policy in a sentence

After being lied to by their neighboring country, Poland decided to change their foreign policy since they couldn’t trust neighboring country anymore.  🔊

A foreign policy with Panama is very important regarding the U.S.’s trade since they want to be on good terms with this country in order to use their canal.  🔊

So that the country could increase the exchange of ideas in a positive way, the countries established a foreign policy to ease the transmission of information.  🔊

Each foreign policy was established with the U.S.’s allies in order to come together and make decisions to fight ISIS.  🔊

Since nuclear weapons have played a part in North Korea, a foreign policy with other countries may unite them to oppose the use of nuclear weapons from North Korea.  🔊

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