Froth in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Froth

worthless or pointless ideas or discussion

Examples of Froth in a sentence

This conversation was filled with so much froth that even an hour later we discussed nothing important whatsoever.  🔊

Most talk between politicians is filled with froth, and no one discusses anything of any real value.  🔊

What we call ‘small talk’ is usually nothing more than a great deal of froth discussing pointless topics like the weather.  🔊

This girl talking to me is only an acquaintance, and because we are not really friends our conversation was full of worthless froth that didn’t really mean anything.  🔊

Whenever my mother and father get into a fight they are often awkward around each other the next day, with their discussions involving little more than useless froth that doesn’t really matter.  🔊

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