Anecdote in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Anecdote

a brief, often funny, telling of something that happened

Examples of Anecdote in a sentence

1. Jillian’s anecdote about her crowded flight made us all laugh. 🔉

2. As a writer, I am always pleased when a fan shares an anecdote from one of my novels. 🔉

3. Bill’s funny anecdote about his first day at college put the nervous freshmen at ease. 🔉

4. When the therapist shared a personal anecdote about her life, she made me feel better about my dysfunctional family. 🔉

5. To get a smile from the bullied student, the counselor shared an anecdote about her school days.  🔉

6. Although Jared’s anecdote about his missing homework was funny, it did not impress his teacher. 🔉

7. The vain man was known for his tendency to overstate an anecdote in order to make himself more interesting. 🔉

8. At the mayor’s funeral, every person in town wanted to share an anecdote about the popular man. 🔉

9. Listening to the pregnant woman’s anecdote about her intense labor pains made me want to adopt. 🔉

10. Years from now, my son will tell his children an anecdote about the time he got sick from eating too much ice cream. 🔉

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