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After falling from the horse, he gingerly tried to stand on his throbbing foot, and found that he couldn’t.  πŸ”Š

After the dentist had done his work, she had to chew gingerly on that side of her mouth for a while.  πŸ”Š

Travis stepped gingerly on the ice, testing to see if it would hold his weight without breaking.  πŸ”Š

It was a hard hit, and the quarterback was getting up slowly and gingerly, testing for broken bones.  πŸ”Š

Gingerly removing his foot from the clutch, he felt the car abruptly lurch forward.  πŸ”Š

Grandma opened the closet door gingerly, then stepped back as piles of history came tumbling out.  πŸ”Š

I gingerly opened the lid of the container, unsure of just how old the leftovers were.  πŸ”Š

Mara stepped gingerly over the shattered glass to get to the broom.  πŸ”Š

Paul got in the final punch, and he gingerly rubbed his jaw and checked for missing teeth.  πŸ”Š

Clovis smiled gingerly, uncertain whether Tom’s remark was intended as a compliment.  πŸ”Š

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