Imprudent in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Imprudent

quick to act without thoughts of the consequences

Examples of Imprudent in a sentence

1. Phil’s imprudent turn on the highway caused a six-car accident. 🔉

2. When Ann booked the wedding chapel before receiving the proposal, everyone laughed at her imprudent decision. 🔉

3. Jackson’s imprudent attitude led him to think he could out run the police. 🔉

4. If Danielle does not stop being imprudent, she is going to get in serious legal trouble. 🔉

5. The teenager did not understand how her imprudent actions affected other people. 🔉

6. Because the drug company made an imprudent decision to ignore test results, it is being sued for selling harmful medications. 🔉

7. Patty’s imprudent choice to leave her younger sister home alone led her parents to revoke her driving privileges. 🔉

8. Because the wealthy playboy believed his father could get him out of anything, he never worried about his imprudent actions. 🔉

9. The company is looking for employees who carefully consider their options instead of acting in an imprudent manner. 🔉

10. When Alan is angry, he often makes imprudent decisions he later regrets. 🔉

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