Fatuous in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Fatuous

lacking intelligence; stupid

Examples of Fatuous in a sentence

Buying a car without negotiating down the price is a fatuous move. 🔊

Don't look fatuous by asking the same question twice! 🔊

It was a fatuous choice to carry so many glass cups at once. 🔊

Marie was disappointed by her friend's fatuous pick for a blind date. 🔊

By ignoring the signs, the fatuous runner fell into a hole. 🔊

My brother was fatuous for sprinting across the wet kitchen floor. 🔊

The misuse of the large words in her speech made Jane sound more fatuous. 🔊

Suzanne's fatuous spending put her in debt. 🔊

Because of your nausea, you should feel fatuous for competing in the eating contest. 🔊

The football player's fatuous move caused his team to lose the game. 🔊

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