Indefatigable in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Indefatigable

never showing signs of getting tired

Examples of Indefatigable in a sentence

The director of the homeless shelter is an indefatigable woman who works almost eighteen hours every day. 🔊

If it were not for the indefatigable actions of the teacher’s union, the public schools in our city would have closed down a long time ago. 🔊

After losing her son in a car accident, April became an indefatigable promoter of teen driver training. 🔊

Because of Helen’s indefatigable efforts, the children’s charity was able to raise over a million dollars for a new library. 🔊

Mother Teresa will be forever known for her indefatigable war against poverty. 🔊

An indefatigable worker, Jose never leaves a job unfinished. 🔊

Even when he was threatened, the civil rights leader still had indefatigable work ethics. 🔊

Because my mother never slows down, everyone considers her to be indefatigable. 🔊

In order to be a model, you need to have indefatigable patience. 🔊

After his house was burglarized, Alan began an indefatigable campaign against crime. 🔊

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