Infamy in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Infamy

the condition of being known for something unpleasant or bad

Examples of Infamy in a sentence

In hopes of gaining infamy, the troubled youth brought a gun to school. 🔊

The celebrity became a subject of infamy when he appeared naked at the movie premiere. 🔊

Since we have always viewed James as a young man of infamy, we find it hard to see him as the priest he is today. 🔊

The minister’s act of adultery brought infamy to his name and his church. 🔊

While one sister is recognized as being nice and polite, the other sister lives in infamy for her selfish and cruel ways. 🔊

The rapper’s fame turned into infamy once he was arrested for molesting the little girl. 🔊

When the man who kidnapped the president’s daughter was released from prison, he lived the rest of his life in infamy. 🔊

Every year we remember the infamy of the terrorist attack with a moment of silence for the victims. 🔊

Despite his infamy for being a convicted killer, Joe still attended church service on a regular basis. 🔊

Although Cheryl dreamed of fame, she received infamy instead when she was arrested for stalking her favorite actor. 🔊

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