Malefactor in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Malefactor

one who does evil

Examples of Malefactor in a sentence

For several years, the detective pursued the malefactor who had brutally killed the two children.  🔊

Hopefully, the hero will fatally injure the malefactor during the gunfight.  🔊

The dictator was a merciless malefactor who tortured his subjects for fun.  🔊

When the police questioned the malefactor about his evil deeds, they were shocked when he laughed in their faces.  🔊

Since details of the mass murders have come to light, the once popular leader is now considered a malefactor.  🔊

The militant group views the government as a malefactor that should be disbanded because of its foul deeds.  🔊

As the police officers led the malefactor into the courthouse, they tried to block out the sounds of the angry protestors.  🔊

To get a higher divorcement settlement, Jill described her husband as a cruel malefactor who abused her on a daily basis.  🔊

The malefactor tried to reform his image by performing good deeds.  🔊

At the sentencing hearing, the judge sentenced the malefactor to death for his crimes.  🔊

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