Infraction in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Infraction

a violation of the rules

Examples of Infraction in a sentence

One more infraction and Jason will be suspended from school. 🔊

My mother became angry when my sister refused to apologize for her infraction. 🔊

Although Susan is now a nun, in her younger days she was once arrested for a minor infraction. 🔊

The police ignored Jill’s minor infraction because it was her first violation of the law. 🔊

When the soldier committed a very serious infraction, he was dishonorably discharged from the military. 🔊

The player’s infraction caused him to be suspended from the team for two games. 🔊

Since we all know Fred as the teacher’s pet, we were shocked when he received detention for a minor infraction. 🔊

The judge warned Carl that if he committed another driving infraction he would lose his license. 🔊

As soon as the referee saw the infraction, he threw a yellow flag on the field. 🔊

Jason received a zero on his essay because of his infraction of the school’s plagiarism policy. 🔊

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