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Definition of Ingenuous

innocent; naive

Examples of Ingenuous in a sentence

My ingenuous six-year-old sister still believes there is an Easter bunny. đź”Š

While I do not consider myself ingenuous, I do not mind giving everyone at least one chance to do good.  đź”Š

The little boy’s ingenuous habit of constantly telling the truth made him unpopular at school. đź”Š

To the defendant’s surprise, the judge found her innocent of the kidnapping charges because she was ingenuous and knew nothing about her boyfriend’s plans.  đź”Š

Jessica’s ingenuous nature made her an easy target for the con man.  đź”Š

Because I really wanted the role of the young preacher’s daughter in the movie, I responded to the casting director’s questions in the voice of an ingenuous little girl.  đź”Š

Everyone was surprised when the ingenuous librarian wore a prostitute costume to the Halloween party.  đź”Š

Although I am not usually a fan of the photographer’s work, these photographs do a fantastic job of capturing an ingenuous child during a peaceful sleep.  đź”Š

It was refreshing to see an ingenuous teenager watching cartoons in a room full of worldly teenagers who thought they were too old to do the same.  đź”Š

When my daughter stopped wearing colorful overalls and started wearing short skirts, I knew she was no longer ingenuous.  đź”Š

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