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Definition of Yahoo

a rude, coarse and wild person

Examples of Yahoo in a sentence

One day in her classroom, Ms. Howard determined that the yahoo in class needed to be punished for talking back to her in a rowdy way.  🔊

Every time the mother and her two-year old son went to the grocery store, her yahoo would turn into a different child throwing a temper tantrum and being completely out of control.  🔊

Jails often contain at least one yahoo who has to be isolated due to his behavior being hazardous to himself, the officers in the jail and the other prisoners.  🔊

The emergency room physician says every yahoo who came through the ER usually screams obscenities, cries uncontrollably and tells elaborate lies about their injuries.  🔊

People would turn and stare at the homeless yahoo stumbling down the sidewalk while mumbling words to passersby.  🔊

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