Interloper in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Interloper

someone who intrudes on the privacy or property of another without permission

Examples of Interloper in a sentence

We called the police on the interloper we caught peeking through our bedroom window. 🔊

Because I am not an actor, I feel like an interloper in this acting class. 🔊

Although he was an atheist, Jason did not feel as though he was an interloper when he attended his friend’s church wedding. 🔊

To make sure no one felt like an interloper, William walked around the room and talked to everyone at the party. 🔊

Even though she was only a first year intern, Margaret did not feel like an interloper in the doctor’s meeting. 🔊

Because my husband’s best friend is always at my house, I see him as an interloper in my relationship with my spouse. 🔊

When the new guy moved into our dormitory, it took a long time for us to see him as anything other than an interloper. 🔊

Since she has never been able to let her son go, my mother-in-law is an interloper in my marriage. 🔊

Although she was nice to him, Henry still viewed his stepmother as an interloper. 🔊

Many people see the government as an interloper who tries to manage their lives. 🔊

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