Fervid in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Fervid

marked by great passion or zeal

Examples of Fervid in a sentence

The politician spoke with a fervid intensity that made people want to vote for him.  🔊

Because I am concerned about my daughter’s education, I am a fervid supporter of education reform.  🔊

Fervid attention from crazed fans has caused many celebrities to hire bodyguards.  🔊

The inventor’s fervid imagination allowed him to create many wonderful products.  🔊

Although Stewart was fervid about basketball, he really could not play the game very well.  🔊

I cannot be a fervid supporter of any company that harms the environment to make its goods.  🔊

When the defendant heard the guilty verdict, he made a fervid plea to the judge to be lenient on him.  🔊

The man’s fervid actions to save his wife were very heroic.  🔊

In hopes of getting an increase in her allowance, my daughter made a fervid statement regarding her need for new clothes.  🔊

The candidate made a fervid speech that held the audience’s attention.  🔊

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