Renown in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Renown

the state of being widely known; acclaim

Examples of Renown in a sentence

Because the college’s medical students perform exceptionally well on the licensing exam, the school has earned much renown. 🔊

Winning the tournament brought renown to the inexperienced knight.  🔊

While the actress has not reached the level of renown that draws a million dollar salary, she has been in many popular films. 🔊

The philanthropist has garnered renown for her clean water projects in Africa.  🔊

When the young actress became famous, she realized a lack of privacy came with the renown.  🔊

The professional football player has not reached that status of renown where fans follow him everywhere.  🔊

Winning four music awards in one night brought renown to the new artist.  🔊

The wedding designer’s stylish gowns have won her global renown.  🔊

Under the new editor, the struggling magazine gained renown for its insightful and well-written articles.  🔊

Security will be tight at the event because many of the attendees are of enormous renown.  🔊

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