Laughing Stock in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Laughing Stock

someone who is on the receiving end of embarrassment and degradation

Examples of Laughing Stock in a sentence

Paul’s lack of common sense caused him to become the laughing stock where he endured many teasing and taunting from his classmates.  🔊

Since Kelly was always being clumsy and making mistakes, she became the laughing stock of her family which they would poke fun at her quirkiness.  🔊

As the laughing stock of the town, the young man tried to avoid people as much as possible so they wouldn’t ridicule him.  🔊

When Derrick kept fumbling the ball during every game, many fans took to social media harshly mocking the laughing stock of the NFL.  🔊

At the Cosmo Institute, the laughing stock would hang his head in shame for always being the brunt of his colleagues’ jokes.  🔊

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