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Definition of Edict

an order made by a person or body of authority

Examples of Edict in a sentence

The principal’s edict prohibits female students from wearing skirts and dresses that do not cover their knees. 🔊

According to the federal edict, all citizens must pay taxes to the national government. 🔊

Under the queen’s edict, all male members of the royal family must serve at least two years in the military. 🔊

The rebellious student went out of his way to disobey every edict issued by his principal. 🔊

When drivers learned Congress had passed an edict lowering the speed limit on federal highways, they were very upset. 🔊

A crowd formed outside the courthouse to protest the jury’s edict that set the killer free. 🔊

According to the edict printed on the concert ticket, no video cameras may be taken inside of the arena. 🔊

The soldiers immediately obeyed their commanding officer’s edict. 🔊

Although city officials are considering an edict that will close public parks at ten o’clock, they probably will not pass the order because of a lack of voter support. 🔊

Most states have an edict that forbids texting while driving. 🔊

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