Metastasize in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Metastasize

to spread or grow to other sites

Examples of Metastasize in a sentence

1. The idea of revolution began to metastasize and spread like wildfire from Moscow to the impoverished Russian countryside. 🔉

2. What started as a rumor began to metastasize and travel from her classmates to social media, effectively destroying her reputation. 🔉

3. The doctor informed the patient that her cancer had started to metastasize from the small area in her stomach to the bone. 🔉

4. The dog owner was devastated to discover that her puppy’s cancer began to metastasize too quickly to operate and he would have to be put to sleep. 🔉

5. Hitler’s ideas of hate and racial superiority festered and began to metastasize, spreading from Germany to many other countries in Central and Eastern Europe. 🔉

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