Polygraph in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Polygraph

a device used to determine when someone is lying or telling the truth based on their body’s reactions

Examples of Polygraph in a sentence

When the FBI agent wanted to know if his daughter’s new boyfriend had ever committed a crime, he hooked him up to the machine to conduct a polygraph analyzing the boy’s trembling answers.  🔊

The paper from the polygraph showed the police that the sweating criminal’s verbal answers about his whereabouts on the night of the murder were a falsehood.  🔊

After asking the man his name at the beginning of the polygraph, the official wanted to create a baseline to see how nervous the man was while answering obviously truthful answers.  🔊

Since the results of the polygraph couldn’t be admitted into court, it was still helpful for the detectives to determine whether the suspect was fibbing about his alibi.  🔊

When the machine’s needle starting jumping on the polygraph as the man answered the questions falsely, his rapid heartbeat started beating even faster.  🔊

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