Mislead in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Mislead

to make someone believe something that is untrue by giving them wrong or incomplete information

Examples of Mislead in a sentence

She would mislead all of her boyfriends into believing she wanted something more serious.  🔊

The manager did not mean to mislead his employees into thinking they would get any extra time off.  🔊

A politician will often mislead his constituents to get extra votes.  🔊

He felt bad, but he needed to mislead his girlfriend to keep her birthday surprise.  🔊

You must not mislead your children by introducing them to prejudice.  🔊

The lawyer worked to mislead the jury so they would rule in his favor.  🔊

Science will often mislead the uninformed, as untested theories are accepted as fact.  🔊

Some atheists will claim that all religious leaders look to mislead their followers.  🔊

Though he had no intention to mislead his students, the teacher passed his misinformation along.  🔊

The professor would intentionally mislead his students to see if they could catch on.  🔊

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