Nomenclature in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Nomenclature

a group of terms or names, usually in a specific discipline

Examples of Nomenclature in a sentence

In law school, students spend years learning legal nomenclature so they will be prepared to work as attorneys.  🔊

What is the name of the scientific nomenclature in which sharks are studied?  🔊

Linnaeus is the scientist who came up with the concept of binomial nomenclature, the scientific naming system in which an organism is referred to by a two-part name.  🔊

In medical school, we were often tested on the nomenclature related to the various systems of the human body.  🔊

Psychiatric nomenclature is based on the groupings of specific behaviors.  🔊

When a new planet is discovered, astronomers have to add a new term to those names already included in planetary nomenclature.  🔊

All physicists document their studies using the same nomenclature so their research can be universally understood.  🔊

In the field of chemistry, new compounds are named according to a system of rubrics called chemical nomenclature.  🔊

Every software domain has its own nomenclature for identifying business rules.  🔊

Geneticists are the people most suited to explain the nomenclature that applies to the field of genetics.  🔊

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