Comprehensive in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Comprehensive

comprising a wide range of things

Examples of Comprehensive in a sentence

Because I want the car completely repainted, I have purchased the comprehensive auto package.  🔊

The lengthy report is a comprehensive survey of the funds, materials, and labor needed to build the new highway.  🔊

Since I have a short attention span, I tend to read condensed stories instead of the comprehensive narratives on which they are based.  🔊

The city’s comprehensive budget covers a ten-year period that focuses on all aspects of city management.  🔊

For comprehensive medical care, one should contact a general practitioner rather than a specialist.  🔊

The takeout menu contains only the restaurant’s most popular items and is not a comprehensive list of the eatery’s food choices.  🔊

Because Gail purchased a comprehensive wedding package, she can relax while most of the wedding tasks are completed for her.  🔊

The software needs a comprehensive update instead of a quick fix.  🔊

According to the brochure, the school offers a comprehensive technical program with an extensive range of majors.  🔊

Heather’s comprehensive workout helps tone all of the muscles in her body.  🔊

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