Oppugn in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Oppugn

to doubt the authenticity of something

Examples of Oppugn in a sentence

At the garage sale I would oppugn the designer purses as knock-offs since they were being sold so cheaply.  🔊

Historians often present evidence of the existence of the Holocaust where many skeptics oppugn the likelihood of this historical event.  🔊

After scientists oppugn the conclusions of the study on birds, the chief researcher showed these doubters his footage from the study.  🔊

During a presidential election, many politicians oppugn the ideas of the opposing party by providing proof of their wrongdoings.  🔊

After visiting Germany a few years ago, I would oppugn any German food served to me in America due to it being so different than what was served to me overseas.  🔊

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