Palindrome in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Palindrome

a term or group of words that contain the same letters no matter which way the word is read

Examples of Palindrome in a sentence

Since I knew my word during the Spelling Bee was a palindrome, I could easily spell it since I knew how to spell the first five letters of the word.  🔊

After folding the paper in half with the palindrome “racecar” in the middle of it, the second half of the word was replicated on the other side.  🔊

When I held up the palindrome “top spot” written in heavy black marker on the white sheet of paper, the opposing person could see through the paper and read the words.  🔊

If you divide a palindrome in half on a sheet of paper, it should create a mirror image of the first half of the word.  🔊

While studying how words are created, Ms. Foster wrote the phrase “Never odd or even” and asked us to explain how this phrase was a palindrome.  🔊

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