And in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of And

used for joining words or words groups

Examples of And in a sentence

1. Without curiosity, life would be rather slow and dull. 🔉

2. Eat plenty of calcium-rich foods to keep your bones strong and healthy. 🔉

3. Some of the most popular desserts are cake and ice cream. 🔉

4. And if that wasn't enough, a relaxing stroll in the beautiful garden was the perfect addition to my vacation. 🔉

5. Outside it's cold and damp, so make sure you wear a jacket. 🔉

6. The trash can is non-porous and resistant to dirt and bacteria, making it easy for cleaning. 🔉

7. You need to be held in the same regard if you are going to try and call out someone. 🔉

8. The clothing store has coats, trousers, suits and so forth for sale. 🔉

9. Economic growth enriches us all, creates jobs and so forth. 🔉

10. The party thrower is fond of company and in a cheerful mood. 🔉

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