Paradisiacal in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Paradisiacal

pertaining to wonderland or a wonderful place; nirvana

Examples of Paradisiacal in a sentence

I dreamed that I sailed to a paradisiacal island where I was fed gourmet food and played all the time.  🔊

The new job seemed like a paradisiacal career move since I was making three times more money and working only half the time.  🔊

Reading a good book in a hammock in my favorite garden was my idea of a paradisiacal way of spending a warm spring afternoon.  🔊

My paradisiacal childhood made everyone envious of me since I grew up in a nice home with two loving parents.  🔊

After living in an animal shelter for the past three years, being adopted by a kind family made it a paradisiacal home for the stray dog.  🔊

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