Peccable in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Peccable

likely to do wicked or wrong things

Examples of Peccable in a sentence

Judge Smith already knew the peccable ways of the defendant since he had been before the judge over twenty times. 🔊

After sending Timmy to the principal’s office many times, the teacher believed Timmy’s peccable actions would continue next year. 🔊

Since the young man’s childhood was filled with violence and abuse, his peccable nature for committing crimes was expected. 🔊

The couple had trouble finding a dog sitter for their pit bull since his peccable reputation for biting everyone was known in the neighborhood. 🔊

Due to the peccable ants, I refuse to go on a picnic because I know they will attack me once I sit on the ground. 🔊

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