Damnation in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Damnation

the act of something being doomed

Examples of Damnation in a sentence

When the criminal was sentenced to death, the life of the criminal would lead to his damnation.  🔊

In order to make the cult members fear for their lives, the leader would say that their lives would lead to damnation if they left the cult.  🔊

After the city began to crumble to almost nothing, it was believed that the city was in damnation because it could not be rebuilt.  🔊

Due to the damnation of his planet of Krypton, Superman came to Earth to live forever because he could never go back to the damaged Krypton.  🔊

When the husband learned that his wife hired a hitman to kill him, their marriage quickly led to its damnation and dissolved.  🔊

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