Immorality in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Immorality

state or quality of being immoral or evil

Examples of Immorality in a sentence

Several students at the school were suspended due to the immorality of their conduct when they pushed and made fun of a special needs student.  🔊

During war it seems like immorality is rampant since a lot of the soldiers would kill even innocent civilians who had done nothing wrong.  🔊

The immorality of the crime was evident to the jurors when the torturous killing of the family was shown and the defendant was given a life sentence.  🔊

Even though the immorality of the theft by stealing candy from the child was wrong, it was not illegal and the boy could not be punished.  🔊

The cruel explanation about the crime depicted the immorality of action by the suspects when it seemed so senseless to rob such an elderly woman.  🔊

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