Pecuniary in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Pecuniary

dealing with finances

Examples of Pecuniary in a sentence

Jason has such a poor pecuniary history he cannot get a bank loan.  🔊

The politician says his budget proposal will help eliminate the pecuniary inequality between the poor and the rich by increasing the taxes paid by those in the higher income bracket.  🔊

When the stock market crashed, the millionaire’s pecuniary status changed dramatically and ended with him in a state of poverty.  🔊

Because of the young woman’s pecuniary needs, she is determined to marry a wealthy man.  🔊

Since we are not receiving any type of pecuniary benefits from our restaurant, we have decided to close its doors.  🔊

Because I do not trust anyone, I stay on top of my pecuniary matters and know exactly how much money I have in the bank at all times.  🔊

The lottery winner planned on hiring an adviser with a great deal of experience in pecuniary matters.  🔊

Although Howard does not normally buy stocks, he is considering buying a certain technology stock because of its large pecuniary dividends.  🔊

Meredith is taking a long lunch because she needs to discuss a pecuniary issue with her accountant.  🔊

If Amy wins the scholarship, she will not have to worry about her pecuniary situation while in college.  🔊

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