Peripatetic in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Peripatetic

traveling from place to place

Examples of Peripatetic in a sentence

Rather than limit myself to one destination, I like to take a more peripatetic vacation where I move around from place to place.  🔊

Even though Ernest is forced to remain in his cell, his peripatetic imagination takes him to places far away from his limited world.  🔊

Aristotle, whose teaching style involved walking around while he shared his ideas about life, was the first of many peripatetic philosophers.  🔊

Because Arthur can write from any location he chooses, he is fortunate enough to live a peripatetic lifestyle.  🔊

I haven’t been able to train my dog to stop his peripatetic behavior of running away in search of adventure.  🔊

Rather than hang around the well-organized tour group, I decided to do some peripatetic wandering around the city on my own.  🔊

Toddlers are a very peripatetic bunch, and I have yet to see a 2 year-old who will sit still unless he’s asleep.  🔊

Having lived with the Indians for half of her life, Mary continued her peripatetic habits long after she was returned to her family.  🔊

If it hadn’t been for the peripatetic explorers of history who were always eager to move on to find new places, who knows what our world would look like today?  🔊

Since Diego prefers to live a peripatetic lifestyle, he doesn’t require much in the way of material possessions.  🔊

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