Perpetuate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Perpetuate

to cause to continue

Examples of Perpetuate in a sentence

If you yell at Jane after she yells at you, your actions will only perpetuate the argument.  🔊

Nathan’s bad behavior only served to perpetuate his teacher’s negative opinion of him.  🔊

When no one does anything to fight crime in our neighborhood, the problem only seems to perpetuate.  🔊

Mary will continue to give out false information and perpetuate the lie if you do not tell her the truth about your absence.  🔊

Because the mother bird’s instinct is to perpetuate her species, she will do just about anything to protect her eggs.  🔊

The rising number of minority inmates in prison only goes to perpetuate the stereotype that members of minority groups are bad people.  🔊

In Phil’s memory, let us perpetuate his desire to get more homeless people off the streets.  🔊

During the drought, the farmers were concerned about not being able to perpetuate the growth of their crops.  🔊

In order to keep people away from his gold, the miner began to perpetuate the tale that his mine was haunted.  🔊

By not getting your pets neutered or spayed, you are only serving to perpetuate animal overpopulation.  🔊

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