Prowess in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Prowess

skill or expertise in an activity or field

Examples of Prowess in a sentence

Christina used her hunting prowess to survive in the woods for a week.  🔊

Michelangelo, historically known for his sculptures and paintings, clearly possessed a prowess for art.  🔊

With a prowess for writing, the promising author wrote a thirteen chapter fiction novel.  🔊

The young girl hangs her paintings on the wall to display her prowess in art.  🔊

Prove your babysitting prowess by watching after my loony six year old child!  🔊

To test my prowess for software development, I majored in computer science.  🔊

I got my artistic prowess from my Mother, an interior designer.  🔊

If you have a prowess for writing, then you should have no problem becoming an author.  🔊

While you have prowess in math, I can barely add 2 and 2 without a calculator.  🔊

I decided to become a tutor after many people complimented me on my teaching prowess.  🔊

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