Recapitulate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Recapitulate

to review or repeat

Examples of Recapitulate in a sentence

At the start of each class, the professor will recapitulate yesterday’s lecture.  🔊

My grandmother has the tendency to recapitulate her stories over and over again.  🔊

To ensure my students understand the instructions, I recapitulate them more than once.  🔊

The president will recapitulate the main points of his speech before leaving the podium.  🔊

During the interview, the police asked the witness to recapitulate what he saw numerous times.  🔊

Unfortunately, Heather has decided to recapitulate the mistakes of her imprisoned mother.  🔊

Although I read the legal document several times, I still found it difficult to recapitulate the information to others.  🔊

The political candidate did not fail to recapitulate his opponent’s dismal voting record during the press conference.  🔊

If the client cannot recapitulate the software error on his computer, then the programmer will not be able to fix the bug.  🔊

The police detective fell asleep while he was trying to recapitulate twenty hours of video footage.  🔊

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