Enigma in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Enigma

someone or something that is mysterious and difficult to understand

Examples of Enigma in a sentence

Sadly, the little girl’s disappearance continues to be an enigma.  🔊

For years, my distant mother-in-law has been an enigma to me.  🔊

The reclusive millionaire was an enigma to everyone in our town.  🔊

To the new detective, the motive of the crime was an enigma.  🔊

Even the psychiatrist found her patient’s behavior to be something of an enigma.  🔊

Hopefully the teacher will help us understand the math enigma on the board.  🔊

Although I have been playing this role play game for a while, the game’s point is still an enigma to me.  🔊

The magician’s trick was an enigma to everyone in the audience.  🔊

For the determined medical researcher, the cure for cancer is an enigma which must be discovered.  🔊

Because the bestselling author never left his house, he was an enigma to his fans.  🔊

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