Relate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Relate

to feel sympathy for or identify with someone

Examples of Relate in a sentence

I could not relate to my friend’s misery in breaking up with his girlfriend, as I was still going steady with my first.  🔊

An author should always try to create a protagonist that their readers can relate to, so they can feel personally invested in the main character’s success.  🔊

You can only really relate to someone if you have experienced the same thing that they have, though that doesn’t prevent you from feeling empathy for their situation.  🔊

Having lost my own pet at a young age, I could relate to the young boy whose dog had gotten lost in the woods.  🔊

My friend and I relate to each other so well because we have both lived similar childhoods, out in the country working on farms.  🔊

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