Invidious in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Invidious

unpleasant and likely to cause bad feelings in other people

Examples of Invidious in a sentence

1. I was shocked to learn my best friend was spreading invidious rumors about me. 🔉

2. In Jeremy’s opinion, the death penalty is an invidious part of the legal system that should be considered a crime against humanity.  🔉

3. Nathan’s invidious behavior disturbed others and got him kicked out of the movie theater. 🔉

4. When Sally drinks alcohol, she starts to display invidious behavior that makes everyone feel uncomfortable.  🔉

5. The dictator’s invidious acts caused the people to rise up against him. 🔉

6. Although Jimmy has committed some invidious actions in the past, he has completely changed his life since becoming a minister. 🔉

7. Many people believe the habit of giving out trophies to only a few student competitors is invidious and likely to promote ill will between peers. 🔉

8. When you compare someone to a wild animal, you are making an invidious association that does not compliment the person. 🔉

9. The judge knew his decision to release the killer would be considered invidious by the victim’s family.  🔉

10. Even though Harriett hates making invidious decisions regarding the hiring and firing of staff, she does it as a part of her managerial duties. 🔉

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