Sardonic in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Sardonic

displaying disrespect in a scornful way

Examples of Sardonic in a sentence

After Rick was fired from the restaurant, he wrote a sardonic review of the eatery.  🔊

Jim’s sardonic laugh made his parents angry enough to stop paying his cellphone bill.  🔊

Female readers were turned off by the newspaper editor’s sardonic column that described violence as the best way to teach a woman.  🔊

Because Jack spoke to his principal in a sardonic manner, he received a three-day suspension for being disrespectful.  🔊

The criminal had a sardonic smile on his face when he shot at the police officer.  🔊

In the cartoon, the villain gave a sardonic sneer before kicking the hero off the top of the building.  🔊

The judge responded to the defendant’s sardonic smirk by having him removed from the courtroom.  🔊

Although my sister spoke in a sardonic voice, I knew she meant no disrespect to me.  🔊

The comedian was known for his sardonic remarks about his ex-wife.  🔊

Since my mother-in-law does not think I am good enough for her son, she always speaks to me in a sardonic tone.  🔊

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