Transgress in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Transgress

to act in violation of some law

Examples of Transgress in a sentence

People who transgress the boundaries of social etiquette will be politely turned away at the door. 🔊

If all children were taught not to transgress the rules of common decency and good manners, the world would probably be a much better place for everyone.  🔊

Because I am a law abiding citizen, I take great pains not to transgress the speed limit or other traffic regulations. 🔊

After Luis agreed to the plan to transgress the dress code, he and his fellow rebels were suspended from school for three days.  🔊

All soldiers who serve their time and never transgress any of the regulations will receive an honorable discharge.  🔊

If anyone were to transgress the rules in the code of conduct, they would immediately be expelled from the organization.  🔊

Despite a strong urge to transgress the boundaries set by his parents, Alan decided to avoid more trouble and stay in his room.  🔊

He should have known better than to transgress the guidelines set down by the governing body.  🔊

Although Belinda didn’t want to transgress the unwritten social code of her class, she did the right thing by reporting what was happening in the girls’ restroom.  🔊

Kyle is wholeheartedly against any type of gun control because he doesn’t want to transgress the first law of nature, self-preservation.  🔊

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