Scowl in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Scowl

a frown of anger or displeasure

Examples of Scowl in a sentence

Whenever my husband looks at our noisy neighbors, he has a scowl on his face. đź”Š

The teacher’s scowl was a warning to the misbehaving students.  đź”Š

As soon as I saw the scowl on the policeman’s face, I knew I was in a great deal of trouble. đź”Š

It was obvious from the scowl on Heather’s face she was quite angry.  đź”Š

When my father is displeased with something, his normally happy facial expression becomes a scowl.  đź”Š

A scowl was Mark’s nonverbal response to the stranger who asked him for money.  đź”Š

If Cathy thought her scowl would scare her admirer, she was wrong because the man found her grimace very attractive.  đź”Š

An offer of a free meal turned the unhappy customer’s scowl into a smile.  đź”Š

Although the mean judge always has a scowl on his face, he enjoys his work and takes pride in discovering talented singers.  đź”Š

The student’s rude comments put a scowl on his teacher’s face.  đź”Š

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