Enunciate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Enunciate

to clearly state

Examples of Enunciate in a sentence

When Will was intoxicated, he was hard to understand because he did not enunciate his statements.  🔊

The speech coach reminded the students to enunciate their words so people could comprehend what they were saying.  🔊

As the teacher gave instructions, she was careful to enunciate each step of the process so her young students would not be confused.  🔊

Heather knew she was in trouble when her father started to speak slowly and enunciate his words in a loud voice.  🔊

At my favorite hotel, the staff always knows what I want before I enunciate my desires.  🔊

Teachers are asked to enunciate the school rules to their students on the first day of class.  🔊

Since a tour guide is required to speak to crowds of people, the ability to enunciate properly is a requirement for the position.  🔊

As Jake could not enunciate his thoughts after his stroke, he had to write everything on a notepad.  🔊

If Herb wants people to understand what he is saying, he needs to slow down and enunciate his words.  🔊

Because I did not enunciate the thesis statement in the first paragraph of my research paper, I lost ten points.  🔊

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