Tenacious in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Tenacious

not readily letting go of or giving up

Examples of Tenacious in a sentence

Even though Jackson was smaller than his other teammates, his tenacious attitude allowed him to accomplish as much as they did. 🔊

Because Eva was tenacious, she rose each time she fell. 🔊

Trapped in the cabin, the tenacious teenager would not quit until she found a way to escape. 🔊

Although the odds were against them, the tenacious group of soldiers held on until reinforcements arrived. 🔊

Even as the man tried to chase him away, the pit bull refused to release his tenacious grip on the little boy. 🔊

Unhappy with the city’s decision to tear down the historical building, the tenacious councilwoman chained herself to the building’s front door. 🔊

Although my grandmother’s doctor told her she needed to quit smoking, she remained tenacious and would not give up her favorite habit. 🔊

The tenacious match between the two wrestling champs did not end until one of them passed out in the ring. 🔊

Determined to capture the killer, the police officer was tenacious in his pursuit. 🔊

The reporter’s tenacious search for the truth helped solve a murder case that had been open for twenty years. 🔊

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