Disapprobation in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Disapprobation

a demonstration of disapproval

Examples of Disapprobation in a sentence

I lied about my failing grades because I did not want to experience my parents’ disapprobation.  🔊

When my teacher frowned while grading my test, I viewed her action as a type of disapprobation.  🔊

The protest outside the governor’s office was the public’s disapprobation against the new tax increase.  🔊

Because the dog saw its owner’s disapprobation, it hid its face under its paws.  🔊

Jack showed disapprobation for his daughter’s poor grades by taking her car keys.  🔊

When the legal association heard of the lawyer’s unethical behavior, they responded with disapprobation and harsh consequences.  🔊

Ashley decided she was more concerned about hanging out with her friends than facing her mother’s disapprobation for taking the car without permission.  🔊

Since Tom and Shirley had dreamed of their son going to college, they could only express disapprobation when he announced his plans to join the military.  🔊

Harry knew when he did not arrive home by eleven he would have to face his mother’s disapprobation.  🔊

During the election, the voters will let the politicians see their disapprobation.  🔊

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